Kimberley is an artistic eurythmist, choreographer, director of stage movement and facilitator for professional development through eurythmy.

Kimberley began individual training in the Michael Chekhov Acting technique at the age of 15 . This focused on psychological gesture, character work, clowning, improvisation, masked work, archetypes, and Rudolf Steiner’s speech formation. She began her acting career at the Southern Highlands Theatre Company at the age of 10 where she performed in six musicals under the direction of Barbara Handley. After subsequently acting leading roles in a number of productions as a culmination of the Performing Arts training at Parsifal College Sydney, Kimberley went to New York on an internship as Directors Assistant for Our Town and Being Julia with Walking the Dog Theatre. In New York she worked intensively with the Michael Chekhov technique both privately and attending workshops with The Actors Ensemble and the Chekhov Acting Studio in Manhattan.

Kimberley then moved to Germany where she completed a four year Degree in Eurythmy, a movement art for stage,  for both speech and music. The graduation program was performed in Switzerland and Germany where it was also toured. Between 2010 and 2014 she trained intensively with tango in Europe, learning from outstanding teachers at Tango Loft in Stuttgart and visiting Argentinian maestros. 

As well as directing and choreographing projects, facilitating workshops for professional development, working with varied social and cultural groups and teaching eurythmy to adults, special needs and children, Kimberley is also a poet and playwright and writing an academic thesis in Political Philosophy on the theme of Isolation and solitary confinement in the prison system. 

Kimberley is currently performing Eurythmy in Australia and touring for workshops. She has continued her professional development with Dawn Langman, Force Majeure, NIDA, Sydney Dance Company and the University of Sydney where she completed a BA in Performance and Philosophy.