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Movement and mindfulness have long been associated with increased efficiency in workers by leading health professionals. Meditation and guided movement leads to enhanced productivity, creative thinking and a sense of calm enjoyed by the company and clients alike.  With the fast paced society we live in and the never ending goals, phone calls and emails that confront company directors, managers and employees on a daily basis, workplaces can become stressful environments, productivity suffers and tasks remain undone. The practice of simple movement exercises and techniques develops a sense of calm and concentration, encouraging personal and professional growth, building more effective leaders and a stronger team. 

How it works: Face to face group sessions lasting 45 minutes and workshops of 120 minutes that will teach specific gentle movement exercises that can be done as part of a wellness program in the comfort of your own office or workplace and tailored to a time frame which suits you and your company. 

What are the benefits? Sessions will lead to mastering calm, focus, mindfulness, effective decision making, confidence for public speaking and presenting, team-leading, team-building, co-operative collaboration, interpersonal skills, respect and empathy . 

How does The Movement Forum differ from other companies? As well as offering the benefits of meditation, mindfulness, and movements such as yoga or tai-chi, The Movement Forum specifically focuses of team building, presenting, enhancing self confidence and flexible and creative thinking. The program is flexible to suit the needs of each organisation and staff body.